Ecumenical Women’s Initiative (EWI) is a non-governmental, non-profit making organisation which supports women as initiators and agents of change in faith communities and in society by supporting and connecting individuals and groups working in the fields of women’s rights, peace building and reconciliation, belief-based ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue & cooperation in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, encouraging networking and cross border cooperation.


The EWI strives for a just and peaceful society in which diversity is a strength and source of creativity, in which women have a dignified place and role in private and public life in harmony with their competence and personal choice and in which religion promotes and supports the achievement of full equality between women and men.


The EWI seeks to shape its work, approaches and relationships according to the following set of values:
Equality: we believe that God created all people equal and that women and men have the right to equal opportunities regardless of their nationality, ethnic affiliation or religious belief, gender or sex or any other characteristic.
Solidarity: we stand primarily alongside all women in their current situation of injustice as they strive to contribute to a just and peaceful society.
Pluralism: we respect culture and custom, ethnic, religious and national diversity.
Non-violence: we promote the affirmation of our values and respect of others as a precondition to peaceful coexistence and the constructive transformation of conflict.

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