Local Partner Publications

Here you will find publications resulting from projects funded by the EWI, as well as independent publications of our local partners.

1. Antal Balog i Julijana Mladenovska-Tešija: “Mladi i vjera ususret Europskoj uniji – Praktikum -“

2. Aneta Jovkovska and Hafsa Xhemaili: Besimi i grave sipas shkrimeve të shenjta Studim komparativ mbi gratë e përmendura në Bibël dhe Kur’an”

3. Centar za teološka istraživanja: Zbornik radova:„Prevazilaženje tradicionalne uloge žene u crkvama i verskim zajednicama Zapadnog Balkana“

4. Center for Education and Research “Nahla”: “Research on the Position and Role of Women in Traditional Churches and Religious Communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, 2013

The position and condition of women believers in the three traditional religious communities have not been researched or adequately documented. The ones who suffer the most because of the lack of data on the role and position of women in religious communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina are women believers themselves, because their demands remain unspoken, their capacities insufficiently used, their rights insufficiently presented and their contributions often unrecognized. For these reasons, through this project we wanted to step into their world and research what are the most common problems that women believers face in their religious communities, what their position is, what their needs are, what opportunities are offered to them and to what extent they can realize their rights. We simply wanted to offer a channel through which women believers will openly share their attitudes and articulate their demands towards both their religious communities and the society as a whole. The publishing of this publication was supported by EIŽ – Ekumenska inicijativa žena/Ecumenical Women’s Initiative from Omiš, Croatia.

English Summary

5. Diana Subotički: Životne priče političarki iz vojvodine

6. Diana Subotički: Tiha većina: životne priče političarki iz Srbije

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