Meet the team


Carolyn Boyd Tomasović

Managing Director/izvršna direktorica

"As the multitasking expert of our team she simultaneously fries courgettes, irons curtains and writes a project proposal, all without starting a fire."


    Jelena Mandić

    Programme Coordinator/voditeljica programa

    "A lover of hill walking and nature she is always the first to offer a herbal brew or a natural aromatic  balm to de-stress and calm those around her."


      Danica Tomasović

      Accountant/voditeljica financija

      "Is known to escape from the car during field trips to investigate the local flora in search of foreign flowers to assemble in her garden and this love for flowers makes her our top consultant for gardening issues."

        Renata Maček

        Programme Assistant/programska asistentica

        "An indispensible in-house resource for all things entertaining, logistical or curious, Renata is always ready with interesting tidbits to spice up the office atmosphere."


          Miriam Kojda

          Fundraising and visibility/Savjetnica za medije i namicanje sredstava

          “Hard-working and mild-tempered, our new member won our hearts over with her delicious apple-pie. Let’s not forget another important detail: she is learning our not-so-easy language and doing great.”

            Grad Omis

            Omiš, Croatia


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