Funding women

As a women´s fund our grant-making program constitutes the very heart of our work.

Through this Programme the EWI seeks to empower women and support them in recognising their potential as change-makers in society, to creatively initiate their ideas, to fully participate and contribute their unique skills into building a more just and free society.

Local grassroots women activists from all over the EWI region (Bosnia and Herzegovina Kosovo, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia) are invited to share their vision of how to bring about change in their societal surroundings. And many of them are awarded an EWI grant. It is their ideas and activism we support because that is where change begins and where it actually happens. This has proven to be a successful and unique approach. Unique because we are the only regional operating fund offering small grants to women grassroots activists. Successful because we witness tangible effects as a result of our local partner´s commitment.

Method: two annual public calls, electronic submission by fixed deadlines, eligible proposals screened by an external team of experts, funding approval by Governing Board.

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