1. How often does EWI announce public calls for proposals?

As a rule EWI announces public calls twice a year: first call in early summer, the second in mid-December.  Dates are not always strictly defined and exceptions are possible.

2. Who can apply for an EWI grant?

EWI public calls for proposals are open to:

  • civil society organisations and groups of girls engaged in youth organisations whose average annual budget does not exceed HRK 375,000/EUR 50,000
  • women theologians and students of theology living and working in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia or Serbia

3. Why, as a woman theologian, can I not apply independently?

EWI awards grants only legal entities registered in the Croatia or abroad.

4. How many times can I be awarded an EWI project grant?

EWI project grants can be awarded a maximum of three consecutive times. Upon completion of the third project, another project grant can only be awarded following a time gap represented by one calendar year.

5. Can I apply for two projects at the same time?


6. How much time is there from the closing of the call until the publication of its results?

The process of evaluating projects submitted to an EWI pubic call is carried out on three levels each of which lasts several weeks. The whole process takes around 3 months.

7. Can I apply for an EWI grant if a project currently being implemented in partnership with EWI is still ongoing?

No. Only women-led civil society organisations /women theologians whose projects have met all their obligations related to their conclusion may apply.

8. What percentage of project funds can be used as honoraria for project staff?

The total honorarium for project staff should not exceed 20% of the total project value.

9. Can I receive two honoraria (to perform two different project activities) within the framework of one project which is supported EWI?

No. Individuals employed in a project supported by an EWI grant may only be paid for one activity within that project.
10. Who is eligible to receive an EWI institutional support grant?

Organisational support grant is provided for those civil society organisations who have successfully implemented a minimum of three projects in partnership with EWI i.e. projects supported by an EWI grant.

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