International Women’s Day for Peace and Disarmament

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We are delighted to announce the winner of our competition for the most creative and thought-provoking proposal for a public outreach event. Congrats Žene Juga from Serbia!!!

„Say NO!“

The event „Say NO!“ taking place on May 24th at 20:00 will be a public youth performance on the central square in Pirot, Serbia. The performance engages youth of both gender and tackles the linkages between gender socialization and violence. We want to highlight differences in socialization and education of boys and girls and encourage the public to think about the consequences on different levels – for the community, the society and in global perspective. Is it so to say genetically set that boys use weapons as a game from early childhood on and that girls play „taking care“? Or is this constantly pursued by socialization and education? What impact does this kind of socialization have on attitude and behaviour of women and men regarding war and peace?

The perfomance is going to be filmed and summarized into a short videospot which will be published online on our website (, Facebook and youtube or vimeo.

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