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74400 Derventa,
Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Mission of the organization is humanization of relations between sexes: promotion, respect and achieving women’s human rights and gender equality; motivated and strengthened women for taking more active role in all spheres of social life.

Most important achievements

– Motivation of women with different ethnicities to mutually participate in our activities and give their contribution to reconciliation, culture of dialogue, respect of diversity
– Increasing women’s activism to form women’s sections in villages
– Increased women’s participation in social and public life
– We initiated establishment of Municipal committee for gender equality and included our member in its work
– We accomplish good cooperation with authorities
– We have become visible in public and in a best way we have represented women’s human rights and improved gender equality in local community and wider
– We are active participants of REMI Network – network for peace and reconciliation; RING Network – network of women’s nongovernment organizations in BiH for fight against all forms of violence
– Examples of good practices we transfer in other local communities around and assist in forming women’s organizations and in that way we spread a network of women’s activism

Why we are active in grassroots work

We noticed in our local community problems that jeopardized women of different ethnicities and who were mostly closed in their ethnic groups and on the margine of social events. Women didn’t meet other women and in social and political life.  Those are reasons that encouraged us on activism because we wanted to change situation and our activities we pointed on respect of diversity, reconciliation, culture of dialogue, gender equality, strengthening women to achiev their human rights, especially women’s. One of important goal was a sensitization of public on importance and role of women in society and importance of her social and economic strength.

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Logo Derventa

Logo Derventa