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Our mission and goal is to educate women in all fields and about all problems in real life of a women, to help improvement of gender equality also every activity that assert women`s status in family and society.
Our activities are: protecting human rights, especially rights of a women and family, promoting the topic about the role and position of the women in modern democratic society, promoting equality, culture, nonviolence, tolerance and other fundamental values in the democratic society.

Most important achievements

As our presentation,we would like to introduce you with our program, mission and implemented projects, that had very positive influence in raising awareness among women in our organization and in our community, about importance of education that can help them to solve problems they have, through the goverment and law institutions in our country, so that women has the opportunity to learn how to fight for their rights.
Three areas of implementation of our tasks
1. Education of women about law that regulate life problems of a women and the family.
2. Humanitarian-social work: Helping elders, sick, exhausted people and children that needs special care.
3. Amateur-cultural creativity of women: Women’s choir “Lyric”,workshop “Golden hands of women of Banja Luka”.

Achieved program tasks
-Promotion and implementation of the law’s about gender equality, about fight against domestic violence, about health care,and the law that regulates inheritance of a real estate.
-We did education about these mentioned and other regulations in communities and cities of Kozarac, Prijedor, Gradiska, Celinac, Dubrave, Vrbanja, Debeljaci etc. we educated 2532 persons (women,man and youngsters).
-Building of a children’s playground “Our children” in Vrbanja.
-Suply with the medical devices in pediatric clinic in Celinac.
-Suply of a workshop with mashines for handmade work art (weaving and sewing) in Puharska,Prijedor.
-Suply with an electronical devices (computer,printer) for women’s organizations “Women and the family”, and an organization of a Roma women society in Banja Luka.

These projects were supported by Care international, NWB and BCI Ireland and Ecumenical women’s initiative Omis, Croatia.

-Project “Don’t forget me”-helping elders, sick and frail persons and children that needs special care.
-Project “Amateur-cultural creativity”, Women’s choir “Lyric”,”Golden hands of woman in Banja Luka”,handmade work,and issuing of the newsletter “Word of a women”.
These projects were supported by the city Assembly of City of Banja Luka, Ministry of family, youth and sports, Ministry of education and culture, and australian embassy in Vienna.

Why we are active in grassroots work

In Bosnia, twenty years ago happened terrible civil war, and a lot of people of all tree nationalities were killed and moved off their homes. A lot of victims were women, children and elders. International community, society, our neighbours from Croatia, along  with non-goverment institutions helped with their fonds and their projects to help people rebuilding houses and institutions. It moved us, women’s NGO’s to organize better and to help each other to help family and elders through all kinds of projects. Our members realized that women are very important factors in rebuilding country, in social, educational, cultural and spiritual life. With volunteer and responsible work we supperted many roundtables, workshops, discussions and we had many participants in those activities, a lot of men,women and youngsters that argued about life problems, with great results.
With our professional and responsible work and achieved results we became recognizable in Bosnia and so the Assembly of the City of Banja Luka declared us as an organization of a public interest for the City and also last year we were invited to participate at the international conference of a women in Hirosima, Japan. Our moto and peace message is selected in a group of the best ten at the conference.
Our results are our main and best motivation to keep going and to keep working for the better future.

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