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Mission – following the example of Jesus of Nazareth, missionary of mercy, to promote human values and being solidary with the most impecunious members of the society.

Goals of The Well Association

Spiritual growth of its members and promotion of christian values in society with strong and clear identity, imbued with christian mission by the guidelines of new evangelization. Laypersons who shall approach each person and community by the example of Jesus of Nazareth.
To train laypersons to follow modern world events and to influence repute from the
position of disempowered.
To promote solidarity and christian responsibility in society towards weakest and less-favoured. (see Mt 25,40)
Charitable deeds of mercy in favor of most threatened members of community and the world.
Organizing workshops and encourages every single member to get acquainted with the Scripture, Catechism of Catholic Church i catholic morals, live by them and to advocate those principles in his social and business life.
Encouraging, educating and organizing volunteers to work with threatened categories of society: care for old and incapable persons, persons with special needs, single parents and children without parents (company, psychological and practical aid, financial support).
Organizing and holding public discussions, consultations, seminars, workshops, courses, meetings, etc., with goal to increase consciousness of necessity for active participation of laypersons and christian mercy.
Organizing creative workshops for crafting of applicable and artistic items with christian themes, aiming to increase spiritual community within group and family.

Most important achievements

Jesus’ Well is well of mercy, weaved from drops of good deeds made with love. Every participant, with his good deeds, spiritual and material, changes human lives and becomes changed himself.
Every Jesus’ well is weaved from three circles of persons. Middle circle are persons called from God to devote their lives to Him in vocation of Missionaries of Mercy. Vocation includes readiness to live in all countries of the World, under all the circumstances, working to educate children in solidarity and for solidarity, and for the benefit of the impoverished. Children and impoverished are the bearers of positive changes, and Missionaries of Mercy are the actuators and their support in the process of change.
Missionaries of Mercy have the promise of unconditional love to serve God in all the countries and circumstances. Women in missions live in female communities, and men live in male communities. Communities work together in pastoral plan.

Why we are active in grassroots work

During my stay in missions in Ecuador, Lord has instilled more and more into my heart, the flame for spreading knowledge of the Bible among people in new places. Our community in Ecuador has founded layperson’s family Servants of Mercy, to spread the Gospel with words and works.

I gave credence that God calls me to Croatia to found Jesus’ Well of mercy mission amongst laypersons. The Well, whose spirituality and generous activity shall change lives of children and impowered in homeland and the World. It shall become international Movement of Missionaries of Mercy, weaved from all nations, colors, religions and races.

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