Women’s Association Vukovar


Brune Bušića 74
32 010 Vukovar, Croatia
+385 32 424 880
+385 32 421 191

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Women’s Association Vukovar is feminist, non-governmental, non-profit, and non-partisan civil society organization who through acting in the area of Vukovar-Srijem County participates in the processes of building and development of democratic society with the aim of promoting the principles of equality, non-violence, transparency and socially responsible acting and behavior of all participants of the social processes in the field of human rights protection, social development and civil society development.

Most important achievements

Women’s Association Vukovar great attention gives to cooperation with the other civil society organizations who are active in suppression of all forms of violence against women, combating corruption, building capacity of CSOs, cross-border networking and improvement of situation of marginalized groups in their local community.
We are members of network BURA-network for combating corruption and we are especially recognized in establishment and management of PETRA-network for suppression of trafficking in persons (women and children) as well as management of the same network in three mandates and the network GARD-network for gender equality issues in rural development (Croatia and Bosnia).
We are initiators and founders of County Commission for Gender Equality and its members in two mandates. Representative of association was member of Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings in Office for Human Rights of Governments of the Republic of Croatia.
Besides working with the CSOs in County and in Croatia our organization is recognized in work with the state institutions (police, Centres for Social Welfare, Croatian Employment Service and Judiciary) as well as the media. The statistic of SOS telephone of our organization is delivered to the county and to the national level.

Why we are active in grassroots work

The motivation for acting in local community is focused on the improvement of marginalized group situation, particularly women and national minority and contribution to improvement of institutional care for vulnerable groups. In our local community we are continuously working on this issue but this problem is coming back like phoenix, every time in worse form what is visible everyday on TV and in media but despite this our motivation is much bigger and we hope that the final result will be higher and more visible.

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