Permet Vula no.25
50 000 Gjakova, Kosovo
+377  44 188 336
+377  44 188 332

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NGO Qeliza aim is building the capacity of group of  young female new skills to better challenge the reality and play a leading role in the community.

Most important achievements

The network QELIZA is the group of NGOs and united individuals for the purpose of improving the status of women and children through educational activities and advocacy addressed to relevant institutions and the community in general. The network QELIZA promotes gender equality through all the activities mentioned above. Members of the network QELIZA are 7 NGOs and 3 independent individual members that support women and children throughout Kosova. The members of QELIZA are: NGO “My life”, NGO “Vita”, NGO “Kosovarja”, NGO “Q.M.G.F” – branch in Gjakova, NGO “Safe House”, NGO “IFK – Vizioni I Ri”, NGO “Medica Kosova”, individual members Fatime Boshnjaku, Mirlinda Sada and Arta Kaqi.The women’s network QELIZA was established in 2001 when NGOs mentioned above got united for implementing joint initiatives. The network was supported since then from MALTESER through capacity building and income generating projects for their clients; OSCE, FDI and Stability Pact through democratization project.

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Qeliza Logo

Qeliza Logo