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ul. 11 Oktomvri bb.
1442 Demir Kapija, R. Makedonija

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Women’s Lobby- Demir Kapija is a formal association of women from Demir Kapija . The main goals of our organization are women’s emancipation and inclusion of women in the process of socio-economic development of the society; promotion of gender equality and women’s rights ; development of civil society; raising citizens’ awareness of peace and co-existence in the multiethnic society, campaigns against domestic violence.

Most important achievements

Our organization is best known for its work on the problem of domestic violence. Here are some of the activities which attracted public’s attention:
– public’s education through organization of several public tribunes and workshops on the topic of domestic violence;
– collection of signatures to support the initiative for opening a Daily Shelter Centre for the victims of domestic violence (this activity animated public awareness  for the importance of the problem of domestic violence);
– establishment of the Youth Forum against domestic violence was a successful attempt to motivate young people to take part in the activities referring to society problems solving ;
We also succeeded to educate representatives of three nationalities and two religions about the meaning of peaceful and tolerant behaviour and co-existence in a multiethnic community.

Why we are active in grassroots work

Civil society activism in particular cases is the only way to set up some initiatives and project proposals which will lead to a solution of some society problems. Our organization has recognized this type of activism as great opportunity to promote concept of women’s unity and conjunction of all women in the community where we live. The first stimulation to start civil society activism was the need of finding a solution of a line of problems which occupied the women in our society (problem of women’s health care, lack of women’s emancipation, especially referring to the representatives of minorities, increased number of cases involving domestic violence). The first successfully realized project was the one which goal was to motivate young female Muslims to educate and to stop the trend of marriages at young age.

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