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SOS hotline for women and children victims of violence Podgorica


Marka Miljanova 46 / 36
81 000 Podgorica, Crna Gora / Montenegro
+ 381 20 232 254
+ 381 20 232 253

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Our mission is elimination of all kinds of violence and discrimination against women and children through educational programs, providing help and support to the victims of violence, and cooperation with governmental institutions.

Most important achievements

The most important impact on the target group who achieved so far, have successfully overcome the trauma, a sense of security and eliminate the fear of a violent partner who is the main brake to exit the violence of every woman who lives in a violent community. The feeling she was not alone in the process of recovery, personal and economic empowerment after leaving violence, involvement in social life and civic activism in different ways, made that the women who were beneficiaries of our programs become helpers and support to other women with similar experiences of violence.
Individual support (legal and psychological assistance, development of a security plan, monitoring through institutions of the system), which provides to our clients with a program of self-support, strengthen the sense of security, self-respect, and the willingness of women to use their rights. Awareness that they are not alone, self-organization and self-support have made their lives dignified and worth living.
The other two important achievements are:
–   A high level of impact on the development and adoption of laws and government policies at the national and local level concerning the protection of women from violence and gender equality
–   Educational programs of governmental employees and officials on working methodology of providing help to endangered woman with respect of woman’s rights.

Why we are active in grassroots work

SOS telephone Podgorica was registered in 1997 (17.2.1997), as a first female NGO in Montenegro
The founders were 10 women from Podgorica, different education level and ethnicity but with the same principles and beliefs, which recognized the high level of violence against women in Montenegro. Awareness of gender inequality, which resulting in a high level of violence based on gender, a large number of individual support that these women in their personal lives provided the other women victims of violence united these women and encourage thinking about the importance of action not only the individual but also the social level.
During 1997, 30 women from Podgorica were educated to work as volunteers on SOS hotline. Our trainers were from SOS hotline from Belgrade, Serbia, and this educational program was funded by CARITAS, Vienna.
SOS telephone for women and children victims of violence – Podgorica, since it was established, has been actively working on promotion of women and children human rights, and on prevention and elimination of violence against women and children.

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SOS Podgorica Logo

SOS Podgorica Logo