Association for personal training, education, development and empowerment


Mokroluška 84/8
11000 Beograd, Srbija
+381 64 39 25 273

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ALTERO’s mission is improvement of quality of life, raising awareness about social problems in everyday life, promotion of culture, inter-cultural dialogue and cooperation, improvement of young people’s situation, affirmation of human rights and diversity, incitement of various groups’ activism, reducing stigma and discrimination and supporting members of vulnerable and marginalized groups, development of new life skills and support to employment, promotion of health and healthy lifestyles, promotion of psychodrama as a modality of psychotherapy for mental health improvement, raising ecological awareness in Serbia.

Most important achievements

ALTERO’s greatest achievements are education on thousands of young people about human rights, non-violence, communication, gender issues etc; raising awareness of general public about these important issues, especially through forum theatre; as well as providing psychosocial support, organization of number of psychodrama workshops on various topics and continuous psychotherapy groups. ALTERO currently gathers around 20 volunteers who are actively involved in planning and implementation of activities.

Why we are active in grassroots work

When a person sees injustice around itself, has a vision of a better world and meets people who share the same values and visions, nothing can stop them. Activism is a moral dutz, tool for personal empowerment, networking with other people, but also its a tool for active change in the world.

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Altero Logo

Altero Logo